Bra Size Guide

Did you know that most women are wearing the wrong bra size? Summer wants you to feel comfortable as well as looking great in just the right fit.  
Here's an easy step-by-step guide to figure out your correct size:
Items required: soft tape measure, pen and paper
  1. The first measurement you need to take is the UNDERBAND. The underband is taken immediately below the bust like so with a firm tension:
  1. This measurement will be your band size.
  2. The second measurement you need to take is the CUP SIZE. Cup size is determined by the difference between the band size and the full bust measurement. This measurement is taken around the fullest part of the breast like so
  1. To calculate cup size take the difference between this overbust measurement and the underband measurement. 
Here is the key:
Difference Cup
0 A
+1 B
+2 C
+3 D
+4 DD
+5 F
For example 34" band size and 36" full bust = +2" or C cup for a size 34C.
  1. Voila! You've determined your bra size!