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This is not the lingerie, knit, hosiery, and swimwear liquid soap of yesteryear. Welcome to Soak Wash, the eco-friendly, gentle formulation for hand-washing your delicates. It’s the modern way to clean and refresh your laundry at home. Only a teaspoon will do the trick in cool water with a quick rinse. Love it. Wear it. Soak it. 12 fl. oz. bottles.

Meet Summer

She's a retro-classic girl who wants whatever she wears to look good, fit right, and feel great, and expects her accessories to be stylish, practical, and durable. Her mission isn't to create outlandish new fashion or invent things you didn't know you needed (because you probably don't). It's simply to make everyday articles of clothing and accessories — the kinds of things you love to wear or carry — better than they've ever been.

Everything from Summer is USA made and manufactured and all fabrics are American-sourced. Additionally, Summer is a woman-owned company.