Surfside Tee

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Finding the perfect white tee is much harder than it should be. You know: something lightweight and soft, with sleeves of an ideal length and a comfortable neckline — a tee that's not too short, not too long; not too tight, not too loose. How could something so simple be so hard to get just right? Look no further: the Surfside Tee is here. Made of 100% Supima cotton, with cap sleeves and a flattering v-neck, the Surfside tee gets softer with every washing. 

This new classic is available in 3 styles — white with white stitching, white with royal blue stitching, white with teal stitching, and black with black stitching — in sizes S, M, and L.  

100% cotton

Made in the USA


Meet Summer

She's a retro-classic girl who wants whatever she wears to look good, fit right, and feel great, and expects her accessories to be stylish, practical, and durable. Her mission isn't to create outlandish new fashion or invent things you didn't know you needed (because you probably don't). It's simply to make everyday articles of clothing and accessories — the kinds of things you love to wear or carry — better than they've ever been.

Everything from Summer is USA made and manufactured and all fabrics are American-sourced. Additionally, Summer is a woman-owned company.